Chablis 1er cru Vaillon

After the great lords, here come the princes. There are forty of them spread over the vineyard in clearly defined localities. The best known: Four stubble, Mont de Milieu, Montée de Tonnerre, Vaillons, Montmains, Beauroy... Rich in aromas, deep and full of charm, they have race and elegance. Best served between three and ten years after harvest, at a temperature of 12° C.


The main base comes from Jurassic; from the Kimmeridgian some 150 million years ago and there is thus a deposit of tiny oysters in the rocks, remnants of the warm and shallow seas that covered Burgundy at the time. The 1er Cru Vaillons is located on the left bank (in front of the Grand Crus).


Aging potential
5 to 8 years

12 to 14 °c


In stainless steel tanks to respect the characteristics of the Chablis terroir and allow all its minerality to express itself. After fermentation, the 1er Crus are aged for 6 months on fine lees. The wine is then, if necessary, glued with bentonite (clay that absorbs the wine’s proteins and clarifies it naturally) and cooled to promote the precipitation of tartaric acid. Before bottling, Kieselguhr filtration to naturally clarify the wine.

Tasting notes 

Beautiful yellow colour with bright reflections. Attractive fresh nose, with beautiful floral aromas. On the palate, the perfect balance between fresh fruit and minerality sublimates this wine.

Food & wine pairing

Fish, shellfish and other seafood, grilled or in a cream sauce. Poultry and white meat, grilled and in a cream sauce.