Auxerre Vineyard


It is thanks to the escavation of Escolives Sainte-Camille, where a low-relief illustrating a bunch of grapes dated back to the IInd century was found, that we can refer to the most ancient trace of a vineyard in this region South of Auxerre. Later, in the VIInd century, Vigile, the bischop of Auxerre, will confirm the presence of these vines in his will.



In a more general way, the vineyard is implanted in Yonne, largely thanks to rivers that used to accomodate an easy dispatch of the wines to Paris, where they would enter the market. Todays language will name the vineyard of “Grand Auxerrois” , not only this leading part located south of Auxerre, but also a part located North of the department: the vines of Côte Saint-Jacques at Joigny and Champvallon, and the part South of the department: the vineyard of Vézelay.


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