Rich in aromas, deep and full of charm, it has breed and elegance. Best consumed between three and ten years after their harvest, at a temperature of 12°.e ou un brochet au beurre blanc. L'harmonie a peu de limite...


The main base comes from Jurassic; from the Kimmeridgian some 150 million years ago. There is thus a deposit of tiny oysters deposits in the rocks, remnants of the warm and shallow seas that covered Burgundy at the time. Chablis is the world’s most famous French white wine appellation! Main characteristic : Minerality!


Aging potential
4 to 5 years

10 to 12 °c


In stainless steel tanks to respect the characteristics of the Chablis terroir and allow all its minerality to express itself. Natural malolactic fermentation. Cold storage in an isothermal tank to promote the precipitation of tartaric acid. Light filtration on Kieselguhr to naturally clarify the wine.

Tasting notes

Golden colour with bright reflections. Nose offering beautiful aromas of white flowers mixed with fine and delicate citrus fruit aromas evolving towards ripe fruit notes. Good attack in the mouth. The developed flavours are fruity and nuanced by very beautiful mineral notes. Good length on the palate.

Food & wine pairing

Perfect pairing with appetizers! Seafood, oysters, fish dishes, sushis, white meats. Also very good with cheeses: goat, Beaufort, Comté and Emmental.